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New Musical Director

The Committee members of Barclays House Choir are pleased to announce that Helen Brind has been appointed as the Choir’s new musical director.

Helen has led the Weymouth Choral Society for many years and will add the Barclays House Choir leadership to that responsibility. She will be helping the choir prepare for the Choir’s Christmas Concert, which will take place on Sunday 14th December 2014 at St Peter’s Church, Lower Parkstone, Poole, commencing 7:30pm.

Full biographical details will be found in our about us section.

We take this opportunity to welcome Helen to our numbers.

Choir Name – A bit of a moan

There is a problem which has, for some inexplicable reason happened all though our existence. That is changing of our name by various people, including members(?) when referring to us.

We are the Barclays House Choir (pronounced Barclays House(,) Choir) or acceptably the Barclays Choir

Barclays as in the Bank. Barclays House as in the big building in Poole Dorset.

We are not the Barclay House Choir or the Barclays(,) House Choir or the Barclay(,) House Choir.

The bank is not Barclay Bank, that was the old name for ATM machines. It is Barclays PLC not Barclay PLC.

Adrian Purkiss