Non display of Programmes

We are aware of the server not responding message being displayed instead of the programmes. This is being looked into.

UPDATE: The problem is only effecting Internet Explorer 9 and below. Other browsers display correctly.

UPDATE: We are still working on a solution

UPDATE: An alternative method is now provided if the original method does not work. However it is recommended you update your browser. Click here to read explanations of how. XP and Vista users may need to move to an alternative to internet explorer.

Choir Name – A bit of a moan

There is a problem which has, for some inexplicable reason happened all though our existence. That is changing of our name by various people, including members(?) when referring to us.

We are the Barclays House Choir (pronounced Barclays House(,) Choir) or acceptably the Barclays Choir

Barclays as in the Bank. Barclays House as in the big building in Poole Dorset.

We are not the Barclay House Choir or the Barclays(,) House Choir or the Barclay(,) House Choir.

The bank is not Barclay Bank, that was the old name for ATM machines. It is Barclays PLC not Barclay PLC.

Adrian Purkiss

Website Changes

The menu structure of the website has been updated to a nested format to allow for additional items.

A choir calendar has been added under the members menu item. This will carry dates mostly for members use but will also show concert and other dates.

The website has been updated in accordance with EU legislation re cookies and the share it option has been changed to avoid intrusive cookies use.

New Website now live

The promised new website is now live. Apologies if you have tried to access the website over the past few days. Problems occurred with re-directing the website on Sunday night and it has taken a few days for our hosting company to investigate the problem and correct it. In the process some routes to the old website were lost thus removing service. I am waiting an explanation from the management as too what happened and why it took so long to fix.

Also added to the website are recordings from the past and copies of all programmes since Spring 2005. The secure area for members does not now exist. If there is a perceived need for this in the future it will be re-implemented.

The new website is written in WordPress and it is much easier to manage. This website was written in about 10 hours total, albeit using much of the text from the old, amended as required. Having never used WordPress before the steep learning curve which happened with the old Joomla site did not materialise.

Choir news will be distributed via this blog and also by twitter (@bhchoir). Watch this space for important announcements over the following few days/weeks.


Adrian Purkiss