• 1.Membership
  • Do I have to Audition?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    No! Our Choir has always believed auditions are not the way to recruit. Firstly they can install terror into the one who auditions which does not give any real idea of their abilities. All it really shows is their level of confidence. We operate a system of try it and see how you get on. Confidence builds.

    So long as present committee is in place we will not audition.

  • Do I have to be able to read music?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    There are many levels of music reading ability in the choir. So long as you have a rudimentary grasp of music notation you will be ok. What we don't require is you to be able to sight read a passage of music without rehearsal. And certainly we would not expect you to have perfect pitch.

  • What is the dress code for concerts?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014
  • How much are your subscriptions?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    At present our subscriptions are £65 per annum. There is a reduction to £35 if you join around Christmas. Our subscription year runs 1st July to 30th June. Subscriptions are subject to review at the annual AGM held in September.

  • When are your rehearsal seasons and when do you recruit?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    We would normally start rehearsals on the Second Tuesday after the New Year through to the second/third Tuesday in May. We would normally have two, one-week breaks for half term and Easter. The Autumn season would normally start the third Tuesday in September through to second/third Tuesday in December with one week break.

    We recruit all years round but normally anyone joining in late october to December could not do the Christmas Concert. Similarly anyone joining after mid March could not do the Spring Concert.

  • 2.Rehearsals
  • Where and when do you rehearse?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    We rehearse on a Tuesday night at The Drama Studio, Poole Grammar School. Postcode for those with SatNavs, BH17 9JU. We begin at 7:30pm and finish at 9:30pm. We have a short break during the evening for notices etc. Seasons normally cover Mid September to December and Mid January to May.


  • Is there a minimum number of rehearsals that have to be attended?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    This is a subject which has been discussed a lot. We appreciate that this is a busy world and it is sometimes not possible to make rehearsals. There is no hard and fast rule but we would like all members to do their best to make at least 70% of all rehearsals. However, this is not set in stone but rather subject to the persons specific circumstances and abilities. If in doubt please speak to the Musical Director.

  • 3.Concerts
  • When and where are your concerts?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    Our 2 main concerts are held in May and December. The Spring concert normally falls on 3rd Saturday in May. Christmas concert is held on the Sunday before the Sunday prior to Christmas. This is to allow St Peter's to hold their own event before Christmas. So it varies between 12th and 17th of December. Both concerts require attendance between 2pm and 10pm minimum.

    All our main concerts take place at St Peters Church, Lower Parkstone (Ashley Cross), Poole, BH14 0NN.

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  • 4.Orchestra
  • I don't sing but I am a proficient orchestral player. Who should I contact?
    Adrian Purkiss02-09-2014

    Please submit your details via the form on the St Peter's Orchestra page. We cannot guarantee to ask you to play however we will hold your details on file. If you have played for us during last 6 years and you haven't moved, changed your phone number or email address there is no need to reapply.